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38 Weeks Pregnant Update

38 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate HelloNance.com Baby Beauty Travel Lifestyle Vancouver Blog

38 Weeks Pregnant Update: I’m feeling all sorts of emotions this week. My baby is full term and technically can arrive any moment now. I’m going to be a Mom soon. And Dave will be a Dad soon. Wow! It is so important for us to capture this moment that a baby lives inside me. Savour this moment of being a couple and before we become parents.


Vacation / Pre-Maternity Leave

I am so happy that I took 2 weeks vacation before my due date. In hindsight I should have taken 3 weeks. Nonetheless, I am on Maternity Leave! My baby dropped even lower to my pelvic floor making 1. harder to walk (yes, I have that penguin-pregnancy-wobble now); 2. harder for long distance travel (go forbid I have to find a washroom mid-way on my drive to walk); and 3. just plain tiring (all I want to do is nap).

I love this time to rest. Everyone keeps telling me, get as much sleep possible now. I won’t be sleeping for the next 2 years! But I also find it a little boring to be home most of the time when hubby is at work. I don’t feel comfortable to drive myself anymore. What if my contractions start when I’m on the road? What if my water breaks? OMG!


38 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate HelloNance.com Baby Beauty Travel Lifestyle Vancouver Blog

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Get Out and Do Things

Although at 38 weeks I’m pretty tired most of the time from carrying this baby but I’m so happy to be able to go out and do things. I got to go out with hubby on a few dates. We ate some of my favorite restaurants (here, here and here). The weather has been also very sunny, so it was nice to go to the park to walk around and get some fresh air!


Coffee and Heart Rate

Throughout my whole pregnancy, I hated coffee. This is a surprise even to myself. I’m one of those people who has to have a cup of joe to get my day started. Don’t talk to me if I haven’t finished my first cup! To my surprise, the the taste of coffee was bitterly unbearable (even if the aroma was inviting). Then comes week 38 of pregnancy. Suddenly iced coffee was invigorating and ever so delicious!

A word of caution to expecting moms to be. Do not drink this before your OB GYN visit. My heart rate shot up to 140/100 and my doctor was so worried, she sent me to the hospital for blood work. Thankfully I was discharged within 3 hours with no complications. But it was quite the scare for my hubby and myself.


38 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate HelloNance.com Baby Beauty Travel Lifestyle Vancouver Blog

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Swollen Feet

I have also been pretty lucky throughout my pregnancy that I had no swollen feet, ankles or hands. I mean my wedding rings didn’t fit around week 20. It was getting tight and I optioned to stop wearing them. But NEVER had my feet or toes swelled up like sausages. However, comes 38 weeks pregnancy, Edema kicks in. The swelling usually gets worse as the day progresses. And I have to elevate my legs at night or get a feet massage.



We are just putting in the finishing touches to the nursery. I even got a guest bed for Dave if he needs to get some quality sleep for work or when the grandparents visits. I’ll have to share those pictures with you soon!



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