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Baby Feeding Essentials: months 6+

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Going shopping for items for your newborn baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot if things to buy: nursery essentials, baby clothes and sleepwear, baby bath and skincare, things for the Go Bag, the Diaper Bag, baby feeding… The list goes on. As a first time mom (parent), it is so important to get only the best for Baby. Researching what to buy is laborish. There are so many products!  I would like to buy everything if space wasn’t an issue (we live in an apartment); or if money wasn’t an issue (I hate buying things that goes to waste).


Now that Emily is 6 months old (omg just like a blink of an eye!), I like to share with you our handy checklist of items we purchased, things we recommend, things we wished we never bought – our tried and tested (broken down my categories) – to make sure you don’t have to!


To be honest when we first registered at our baby registry at our local baby store, we were given a list that’s even longer than this one below.


While most items were very Pinterest worthy – however merely decorative or not very useful. Because honestly baby could care less whether the walls are pink or white. All baby cares about are boobies (or formula milk), if she sleeps comfortably and has a fresh change of diapers.



Baby Feeding Essentials: months 6+


Baby Bowls: these spill proof and leak proof bowls are BPA free and stacks nicely together for storage. The easy grip spoons are colorful and baby loves it!

Baby Food Blender: I love this design and color of this Beaba babycook baby food maker in rose gold! It hosts a high-tech design with a patented steam-heating system helps you prepare fresh meals for baby with ease. The countertop appliance functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster so you can craft delicious, healthy meals for your little one in 20 minutes or less. For those looking for more capacity, the Babycook Plus has two bowls (up to 9.4 cup capcity). I got this one since I love the idea I can make one savory and one sweet meals for baby at the same time!


Multiportion Food Tray: Meal prep for baby saves you time and headaches! I love these silicone trays designed for freezing and storing a la carte foods for baby. Multiportions is comprised of six individual 3 oz portions. Made from high quality, platinum grade silicone, a single portion of frozen food is easy to pop out. Freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.


Sippy Cups: When baby starts to push the bottles away and wants to drink water like adults, these leak proof trainer cups are easy for toddlers to hold. I especially like the flip top lid covers straw to keep germs away.


more: Baby Feeding Must Haves and Nursing Essentials for newborn babies



Is there anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below please! Thanks!


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