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Baby Nursery Essentials

Baby Shopping Guide Must Have Essentials for First Time Moms hellonance.com BEAUTY LIFESTYLE BLOG
Going shopping for items for your newborn baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot if things to buy: nursery essentials, baby clothes and sleepwear, baby bath and skincare, things for the Go Bag, the Diaper Bag, baby feeding… The list goes on. As a first time mom (parent), it is so important to get only the best for Baby. Researching what to buy is laborish. There are so many products!  I would like to buy everything if space wasn’t an issue (we live in an apartment); or if money wasn’t an issue (I hate buying things that goes to waste).
Now that Emily is 6 months old (omg just like a blink of an eye!), I like to share with you our handy checklist of items we purchased, things we recommend, things we wished we never bought – our tried and tested (broken down my categories) – to make sure you don’t have to!
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  • Baby Gear Must Haves
  • Baby Travel & On The Go Essentials
  • Baby Essential Gear and for the Home
  • Baby Skincare Must Have for Dry Skin
  • Baby Feeding Must Haves and Nursing Essentials
  • Baby Feeding Essentials: months 6+
To be honest when we first registered at our baby registry at our local baby store, we were given a list that’s even longer than this one below.
While most items were very Pinterest worthy – however merely decorative or not very useful. Because honestly baby could care less whether the walls are pink or white. All baby cares about are boobies (or formula milk), if she sleeps comfortably and has a fresh change of diapers.

Baby Nursery Essentials:


Crib: We like the minimalist look of this versatile crib that can be placed at two different heights and also converts into a toddler bed. This crib is also perfect for parents who want to co-sleeping with their Baby.


Bassinet: We used this bassinet extensively before Baby graduated to the crib. We purchased this bassinet when we bought the UppaBaby stroller and Mesa car seat. It was so convenient wheeling Baby around the apartment between the living room and the bedroom without waking Baby. We also loved it because Baby felt safer since it was cozy and comfy. It wasn’t as wide open as the crib. The drop-down canopy sunshade was also great at blocking out the lights.


Baby Nest: Whether your family chooses to co-sleep or have your baby strictly in a bassinet/crib, this baby nest (similar here and here) helps our little one sleep snug as a bug! We originally used the nest when Emily napped on the couch. Now we use it so she can co-sleep with us in bed.

The baby nest was a game-changer for our sleep! When baby was 4 months she started having sleep regressions – waking up in the middle of the night. This was very very devastating for our sleep and sanity! (She had slept through the night starting at 2.5 months between 8pm-6am). Now she wouldn’t go back to sleep unless I laid beside her!! The baby nest allowed our baby to sleep comfortably in between us in our bed, but also gave us the freedom to move and get up without waking the baby.


Mobile: we bought this safari animal mobile that has glowing leaves that rotate, projects stars on ceiling and plays four different melodies and four nature sound including white noise and heartbeat. I recommend getting a battery operated mobile that comes with a one-touch remote starts or stops mobile. Trust me you will thank me later when baby is crying and fussing! I also love the idea of these beautiful floral mobiles.


Baby Head Support Pillow: When Emily was born she would always sleep on the right side of her head. We were so afraid that she would develop baby flat head syndrome. We bought this donut shaped head support pillowThe special indentation of the Cloud 9 Head Support cradles baby’s head delicately and helps distribute the weight of baby’s head evenly, relieving pressure and helping prevent flat-head syndrome.


Baby Quilt Blanket: Again, we love everything that Little Unicorn makes, especially this pineapple muslin quilt. Super large 47″ x 47″ four layer 100% rayon muslin made from bamboo that is breathable, gets softer with each wash and helps prevents babies from overheating! I know some Moms would be like that is a big no no to let baby sleep with blankets and covers. But it helped Emily fall asleep quicker while keeping her warm. I like to fold it twice so it there is some weight on baby. Similar here, here and here.


Humidifier: Baby and parents with dry skin can breathe better with this whisper quiet ultrasonic humidifier that totally ugly. For those also looking for one that can double up as aromatherapy, this lovely ceramic essential oil diffuser is wonderful. When baby is ultra hyper (or when I need to calm down a little), I like to add a few drops of this children’s diffuser blend that brings a sense of clam for a blissful sleep!




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