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Baby Travel & On The Go Essentials

Baby Shopping Guide Must Have Essentials for First Time Moms hellonance.com BEAUTY LIFESTYLE BLOG
Going shopping for items for your newborn baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot if things to buy: nursery essentials, baby clothes and sleepwear, baby bath and skincare, things for the Go Bag, the Diaper Bag, baby feeding… The list goes on. As a first time mom (parent), it is so important to get only the best for Baby. Researching what to buy is laborish. There are so many products!  I would like to buy everything if space wasn’t an issue (we live in an apartment); or if money wasn’t an issue (I hate buying things that goes to waste).


Now that Emily is 6 months old (omg just like a blink of an eye!), I like to share with you our handy checklist of items we purchased, things we recommend, things we wished we never bought – our tried and tested (broken down my categories) – to make sure you don’t have to!


To be honest when we first registered at our baby registry at our local baby store, we were given a list that’s even longer than this one below.


While most items were very Pinterest worthy – however merely decorative or not very useful. Because honestly baby could care less whether the walls are pink or white. All baby cares about are boobies (or formula milk), if she sleeps comfortably and has a fresh change of diapers.




Baby Travel & On The Go Essentials:


Stroller: I absolutely love the UppaBaby line of strollers. We got the Uppababy Cruz that is compact, light and streamlined! The compact stroller frame stands when folded. The one click release design is easy to use and is the perfect travel system compatible with the Mesa Infant Car seat (no adapters necessary) and bassinet! Infant Car Seat: You can not leave the hospital without an infant car seat. Nurses will inspect that you have secured Baby correctly before allowing your precious newborn baby to go home with out. As mentioned before we got this easy one click and easy install Uppababy car seat.


Stroller Organizer: This stroller organizer is perfect for Moms and Dads on the go. It keep drinks cool and essentials ready to go! Insulated beverage and essentials caddy keeps items close at hand while you stroll! It stretches to hold bottles and coffee cups securely, while providing easy access to your most important items. Includes a detachable wristlet for errands and a headphone port for hands-free calls.


Stroller Cover: This floral print is super adorable. We also love this black and white striped infant car seat and nursing cover! I love using this to block out the sun, wind and rain. Plus it is super stretchy, lightweight and soft!


Baby Carrier: Parents who love to wear their babies can get excited for going hands freeThis features lumbar support, extra cushioned crossable should straps and holds baby in a hip healthy froggy M shape position at all stages.


Activity Toy: Babies can get fussy or bored while sitting in the stroller. We like this playful stroller toy that pulls down and vibrates that offers exciting visual and tactile stimulation great afor sensory development. It also has a spinning kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Similar here.


Pacifier Clip: Babies will throw and spit out their pacifiers! In the beginning we didn’t have a pacificer clip and all her pacifiers ended up on the floor. These are perfect to for keeping you baby’s pacifier secure and easily attaches to their clothes.





Is there anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below please! Thanks!



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