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Honey, I’m Pregnant!!

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Honey, I’m PREGNANT! Suddenly everything starts to make sense now. I didn’t just wake up one morning suddenly FAMISHED and demanded my husband to make me a sandwich (literally)!

It’s been about 2 weeks since I suspected I was pregnant. I finally told Dave! I was waiting for the doctor and the lab tests to come back first! Even though the pee-stick is 99% accurate, I needed that professional confirmation to feel certain.

It took me awhile before I realized I was pregnant – let’s say 10 weeks!

  • Sure I was late, but I’m not always on time.
  • My breasts were really sore, beyond normal PMS sore.

I’m so happy I can finally share this news with everyone now that I’m in my second trimester. It’s so surreal to see my little nugget growing inside of me. I can’t wait to feel it kick! So far, I’m happy to report that I don’t have any morning sickness… Hopefully I won’t jinx it!!!

Now I just have to be extra careful about what I can and can’t eat! Chinese culture has so many restrictions to keep your body optimal with a good balance of yin and yang!
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