Wedding Ring No Longer Fits

My wedding rings do not fit anymore! It happened fairly early during my pregnancy around month four and five. Although, my overall body weight hasn’t significantly increased. I didn’t ballooned the heck up. Nor did my feet swell (and still hasn’t at 32 weeks pregnant). My poor fingers took the hit. My fingers got pretty puffy and taking them off was hard at the end of the day! So I stopped wearing rings for awhile. I didn’t want my doctor to cut my rings off if it got stuck!

I love my wedding rings and I feel naked without them. After all, I have been wearing them for two years now and they’ve became a part of me.  I hate not having my rings on! I’ve read that some ladies would wear fake wedding rings. But to me, I didn’t want a “fake” ring.

So… I optioned for some fine jewelry from Mejuri.

Mejuri Fine Jewelry Wedding Rings Baby Beauty Travel Lifestyle Vancouver Blog

I purchased a few stackable diamond rings made with 14k solid gold. They are perfect for everyday wear and you can mix and match with your other jewelry. I love that they are delicate and has a little sparkle! I can wear them either on my left hand or right hand! Baby Beauty Travel Lifestyle Vancouver Blog

The open diamond and the diamond line rings are set with high-quality diamonds (SI 1- 2 clarity), total carat weight 0.03. Conflict-free and socially responsible diamonds only. Band thickness 1.2 mm. Baby Beauty Travel Lifestyle Vancouver Blog

Beaded ring also handcrafted in 14k solid yellow gold. Band thickness 1.2 mm.


Of course, when to take off rings when pregnant is different for every woman. What trimester did you wear your wedding rings up to?


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