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5 CBD Brands Owned By Black Women You Should Know

5 CBD Brands Owned By Black Women You Should Know

When CBD first boomed just a few years back, the playing field was not all-inclusive, and the self-care supplement was not for “all.” As cannabis becomes decriminalized, here are have 5 CBD Brands Owned By Black Women You Should Know – from skincare, wellness and alleviating ingestibles we will gladly work into our morning/bedtime routine.

Frigg Wellness Cannabis Attuning Hair Potion  Attuning face Potion


Kimberly Dillon, former CMO of wellness-focused Cannabis and CBD brand Papa & Barkley, adds to her repetitore Frigg Wellness. Our favourite is their Attuning Face Potion and Attuning Hair Potion for its efficacious application.

This super nourishing oil is designed to bring balance back to your skin. Rich in antioxidants and the Omega 3-6-9 complex, we combined 8 responsibly sourced botanical oils with cannabinoids like CBD to soothe stressed, puffy and dull skin.

Also, this multifunctional Attuning Hair Potion is designed for dry, itchy scalps and dry hair that needs a moisture boost. Also great for those who wear tight hairstyles or intense chemical processes on their hair. Rich in antioxidants and the Omega 3-6-9 complex, we combined 8 responsibly sourced botanical oils. We use CBD and CBG to target inflammation and rebalance the scalp.

Brown Girl Jane CBD Skincare Glow Luminous Facial Serum


Malaika Jones, the founder, created Brown Girl Jane after discovering the healing power of plants and CBD. BGJ’s plant-based wellness and beauty collection were named Refinery 29’s Beauty Innovator of the Year and winner of the Best in Beauty Award by Popsugar.

Glow Luminous Facial Serum focuses on anti-stress, hydrating, and high-potency daily face oil powered by 750mg of Broad Spectrum CBD + Cannabis Sativa Oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties and more antioxidants than both Vitamin C and D, to promote soft skin without any lingering greasy look or feel.

Formulated Cruelty-free, Formulated without fragrance, 100% Clean, Vegan

xula cbd uff! (Touch and Sooth) topical skin cream salve


Xula is a Latinx and Black-owned CBD brand based in Mexico City by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Karina Primelles.

This wellness brand uses CBD and other cannabinoids as a portal to re-introduce our communities to their ancestral knowledge of plant power. Products includes a variety of tinctures and salves.

Our favourite includes uff! (Touch and Sooth) for a gentle touch for sore wombs, muscles, and joints. Apply this organic blend of herbs and oils to relieve and protect all areas of your body.

ah! calm + clarity we also love this herbal mix of blue vervain, rose, and damiana helps to ease anxiety and nerves while increasing focus.

UNDEFINED BEAUTY cbd bath soak


Founded by Dorian Morris, Undefined Beauty is a , conscious, inclusive, plant magic beauty brand. Her mission is to “undefine” and democratize beauty and destigmatize plant-based solutions through an unapologetic, uncompromising, unfiltered approach. They are available at Whole Foods Market.

We love Glow Detox. This next level Bubble Bath game is meant for detoxifying, restoring and fortifying to ease soreness, dissolve stress, detoxify and restore balance with this fortifying bath soak. Each 8oz reusable, recycled glass jar (or pouch) includes restorative CBD, Magnesium to detox and fortify, Arnica to soothe and MSM to ease muscles. 

And if you haven’t tried their R&R Bar – The plant magic in this Coconut infused Chocolate Bar helps tackle stress both inside and out with known collagen boosting, antioxidant rich, anti-inflammation powerhouses. Ashwagandha reduces anxiety and inflammation while boosting collagen, Schisandra balances hormones and increases moisture in the skin and Chaga repairs free radical damage for healthy, unmistakable beauty. 

What are you waiting for?


Founded and curated in Brooklyn in 2018 by Carolyn Gray. The brand’s aesthetic to be unapologetically bold and black.

Recover is a topical hydrating salve that spreads far to smooth over skin and dives deep into the muscles and joints to eliminate bad vibes that hold us back from enjoying our daily wonders. If your joints are on fire, Recover Salve offers salvage for your knees, ankles and wrists.

Vegan Ingredients. Cruelty Free. Paraben-free. Hemp Derived CBD Coconut Oil. Shea Butter Baby. Cocoa Butter. Beeswax. Peppermint Oil. Soy Lecithin.

Other hero products include tea packs, oral drops and hard candies!

What are some of your favourite WOC-owned brands? Share in the comments below!

If you would like to advocate for cannabis equity; you can join or donate to The Last Prisoner Project, Cage-Free Cannabis, Minority Cannabis Business Association, or This Is Our Dream.

5 CBD Brands Owned By Black Women You Should Know


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