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Foreo Luna fofo Review | Anti Aging and Skin Cleansing System

Foreo Luna Fofo review

The Foreo Luna fofo is a travel friendly silicone facial cleansing brush similar to a Clarisonic. I was lucky enough to get this ultra-hygienic device before the official launch date to test it out. The Foreo Luna fofo retails for $119 CAD and features T-Sonic™ pulsations for exfoliation gentle enough for everyday use while incorporating anti-aging technology into its groundbreaking design. The battery powered device lasts up to 400 uses and uses 8000 pulsations per minute to give you a deep, effective cleanse.

It is powered by Bluetooth technology and advanced skin sensors to create a totally personalized profile, which is sent straight to FOREO LUNA™ app. It is best used with a frothy cleanser.


Foreo Luna Fofo review

Offering the most intelligent solution to on-the-go skincare, LUNA fofo analyzes the skin type and moisture level in each zone of the face to create a personalized skin profile that is sent straight to the Foreo app. There are two small metal sensors that you can place on areas of your face. The Foreo App will tell you where to place them and in turn analyze your skin’s health. It will tell you if your skin is dry, normal or oily.


Foreo Luna Fofo review

Foreo Luna Fofo review

After the “analysis”, it tells me that my skin has a healthy dose of “moisture” and that it is hydrated. The device gives my ego a slight boost and tells me my skin is 35 and not 37 (shudders). I am not entirely sure how this really helps me with my skincare routine. I am also not sure what other features they will be adding to the app or what those two sensors are capable of. And of course, how entirely accurate this “analysis” is at the end of the day.

I think if you already have a Foreo facial cleanser at home, the Luna fofo isn’t something you need to run out and purchase asap. If you are thinking about buying a silicone face cleanser for the first time, then you might as well get the Luna fofo and have some fun with the app. However, I must say, the novelty wears pretty thin!

I do like pause after a minute-vibrate signal that tells you know when to change to a different part of your face. But to be honest, I don’t always follow the notification – especially when I’m rushing to work in the morning!

At the end of the day, I am pleasantly surprised how much I love using the Foreo Luna fofo compared to the Clarisonic I’ve been using for the longest time. I didn’t think how this silicone brush head would clean compared to a regular brush. But the Foreo deep cleans really well without being too abrasive (sometimes even the Clarisonic sensitive skin brush heads are too rough).


I highly suggest buying this at Sephora and I used ebates to get some cash back!




  • Deep cleansing system with 8000 pulsations per minute
  • Silicone brush head is gentle and less abrasive compared to Clarisonic sensitive skin brush heads.
  • Small compact size that is travel friendly
  • Amazing battery life


  • Foreo App that doesn’t particularly add value to my skin care routine
  • Battery operated without a recharging option.





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