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Baby Essentials for the Home

Going shopping for items for your newborn baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot if things to buy: nursery essentials, baby clothes and sleepwear, baby bath and skincare, things for the Go Bag, the Diaper Bag, baby feeding… The list goes on. As a first time mom (parent), it is so important to get only the best for Baby. Researching what to buy is laborish. There are so many products!  I would like to buy everything if space wasn’t an issue (we live in an apartment); or if money wasn’t an issue (I hate buying things that goes to waste).


Now that Emily is 6 months old (omg just like a blink of an eye!), I like to share with you our handy checklist of items we purchased, things we recommend, things we wished we never bought – our tried and tested (broken down my categories) – to make sure you don’t have to!


To be honest when we first registered at our baby registry at our local baby store, we were given a list that’s even longer than this one below.


While most items were very Pinterest worthy – however merely decorative or not very useful. Because honestly baby could care less whether the walls are pink or white. All baby cares about are boobies (or formula milk), if she sleeps comfortably and has a fresh change of diapers.


Soothing Seat: Inspired by the carefree float of a leaf on a breeze, this seat gently soothes and treats baby to a similarly mesmerizing ride with mesh backing and a gentle push motion in an angle perfect for playing and napping, featuring no batteries, cords or buzz for peaceful quiet. Up to 130 lbs do you will get plenty of use for your newborn / toddler! — similar here.

Playpen: Once baby starts to crawl and wiggle it is very very very important to keep them secured in a safe place if you want to walk away (even for a split second!). You don’t want them to fall off the couch, fall off the bed or anywhere where they may injure themselves! That’s why we got this compact playpen that is lightweight and very easy to carry, set up and fold up to store away! It even comes in this pretty dusty millennial pink! Make sure to get this organic white fitted sheet for the foam mattress!High Chair: I love this IKEA high chair. The ANTILOP high chair is designed with rounded edges without any crevices and has a wide stable base and safety belt. Plus the sticker price is super affordable. Emily loves this much more compared to the other high end high chairs that we’ve tried!


Playmat gym: Everyone baby needs a playmat gym to help stimulate their brain. We love this Skip Hop activity gym with musical sheep, light-up star, cloud squeaker, bird rattle and baby-safe sunshine mirror.


Toys: Every parent and baby will have their preference of toys, we especially love this Bee Crawl Toy from Skip Hop. Encourage baby to crawl with this fun two-in-one developmental toy. It is designed to encourage crawling with with lights, energetic music and movement. This motorized explore & More Follow-Bee Crawl Toy grows with baby through three stages: stage 1 pre-crawling as an easy-to-hold wobbling bee rattle, stage 2 beginner crawling as a cloud moving in a circular pattern, and stage 3 advanced crawlers with a cloud moves in random pattern to encourage chasing.

Bouncy Gym: When baby is ready to bounce of their legs and you want a little free time this baby bouncer has all the bells and whistles! I love that this modern activity center captivates baby from head-to- toe—from four months to toddler! Designed in collaboration with a pediatrician, our baby activity center supports a “whole body” approach to play and learning. Easy to assemble, with toys that can be positioned anywhere for baby, it features a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing. The unique Discovery Window lets baby see their feet while they play to learn cause and effect. As baby grows, our activity center converts for easy cruising—ultimately becoming a clean, sturdy table for coloring, playing and more!


Is there anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below please! Thanks!


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