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Holiday Gift Guide for the Home


Did you think I was going to skip gift guides this year? I thought so too, but then I was able to curate them on my phone while I cradled Emily – because there is only so much Netflix one can watch in one sitting.


While I thought of a holiday gifting lift for the Chef, I really thought what I wanted for our home. What would complete the look in the kitchen and be put on display. So here we are. Lots of gold, wood and mid-century modern inspired items to make cooking dinner more fun!



  1. Home bartenders, you’re in luck. Copper is pretty sick too!
  2. You can never have too much bread or bread boards
  3. Corgi snowglobe just raised the bar on all snowglobes!
  4. You probably already have a can opener but I bet it isn’t gold!
  5. And what about this flatware set in gold and white? It also comes in gold and black!
  6. I love these clean, modern salt and pepper shakers
  7. Cake tastes that much better with a set of gold servers
  8. Every Snake plate and fig tree deserves a pretty nest like this mid-century leg standing planter 


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